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What type of personal information do we collect?

Our Privacy Policies are in compliance with EU data protection law. In order to be able to send you indivdiualised, relevant information about our Autism Optimism International services, we keep personal records of all the families who contact us. These records are: 1. Your email address, home address, contact telephone numbers, your child’s name, age and diagnosis. 2. The dates of services that we have provided for you, the type of service that we have provided for you, and the details of any autism-related training courses you have attended. 3. Notes summarising the content of the services we have provided for you.

How is the information stored?

This information is held in password protected files on our computer, which is itself password protected. For purposes of scheduling our services, information is shared with our assistant in a password protected format. Any other devices that we use to access this information are also password protected. Information is also backed up on an external hard-drive which is password protected. When clients contact us via our website ( their email address is also stored by our web hosting platform ( This information is stored on secure servers behind a firewall.

How do we use this information?

Our team will only ever use your personal information to contact you regarding supporting you in running your home-therapy program. This will be within the scope and legal basis of Legitimate Interest (i.e. you have expressed an interest in our services, therefore there is implied consent for us to contact you regarding working together). We may contact you in the following ways: 1. Sending you personalised emails, phone calls, text messages to assist you in booking my services or to respond to communication that you have sent us. 2. Group emails to let you know about our services and our availability to work with you. 3. Sending our newsletters or inspiring stories to keep you motivated and excited for your journey with autism.

Do we share this personal information with anyone?

Your information is shared with our team (in a password protected format) so that they can assist us in working together. Where we feel it will be beneficial to seek advice from other professionals, we will alwasy gain your explicit consent before sharing information about your family with another professional (which will always be for the intended benefit of you and your family).

Does my website use cookies?

Like many websites, our website uses cookies (small pieces of data, stored in a user’s browser, usually used to keep track of their movements and actions on a site) to help make the site work best for you. You can view the cookies that are used on our website here: The information collected and stored by these cookies is not personally identifiable to you.


Once services are scheduled, what about rescheduling and cancellation?

If you sign up for the Maximum Results or the Nourishing Support programs, we will send you a personalised contract including these cancellation policies and confirming the specifics of how your program and payment options will work. For all services provided, any payments that you have already made are non-refundable and non-transferable, including your deposit. If you decide to cancel your program at any point (and are paying on an instalment plan), you will be charged one final instalment and then all your subsequent payments will be cancelled. If you stop responding to our emails, or stop appearing for your Online sessions (and are paying on an instalment plan) without notice for more than one month, we will assume that you have decided to terminate your package and will charge a Going Missing-in-Action fee of one final instalment and then cancel the rest of your payments. If you are participating in the Maximum Results program, then once the dates of your in-home training have been finalised it cannot be rescheduled. Once you have booked your Online sessions, you can reschedule up to 48 business hours before the session (please be aware, however, that due to the busy-ness of our calendar, another session may not be available for a few months! We will always do our best to find you the soonest possible replacement). Less than 48 business hours’ notice will mean that your session will be cancelled and will count as one of your allotted sessions within your package. Sessions cannot be rescheduled more than one time per session (Please note that we have office hours from 10 - 5, Monday - Friday). If you do not use all your allocated sessions by the end of your support program then they will be forfeited without refund. As the Service Providers, our consultants can choose to cancel your programme if at any point they feel it is no longer advantageous for us to continue working together. If we do this, we will not charge you any further payments and will refund you pro rata any amount you have already paid for future services. Please note: due to the increased demand for our services, we have limited flexibility in the times that we are able to offer Online sessions. We really encourage you to think of these sessions as you would any appointment with a specialist service provider - you may need to rearrange other commitments in order to be able to make the available session. Similarly, we cannot easily reschedule a session once it is confirmed, so we recommend that you put it in your diary immediately and make sure you have child-care sorted so you can get the most out of your session. Each session cannot be rescheduled more than once, and (except for in exceptional circumstances) only 2 sessions can be rescheduled per support program.

How are our Support Services scheduled?

For clients participating in the Maximum Results program, you will receive a concierge service for scheduling your Online sessions - we will work with you to find the most effective times for us to talk. For all other clients, you will be in charge of scheduling your Online sessions. We will provide you with a link to our online Booking Calendar and instructions for how to use it. If you have any problems, we will support you in finding the best times for your sessions. If you have signed up for the Maximum Results programs then we will work with you to find the best dates for your in-home training. All enquiries can be sent to

Group Programme Cancellation Policy:

The cost of your programme is to be paid-in-full upon registration (if you are in need of other payment options then please let us know and we will work with you to try and create a customised payment plan). You may cancel your registration with a full refund up to 3 business days before the start of your programme. If you cancel within one week of the start of the programme then you will be entitled to a 50% refund. No refunds will be given once the programme has started (except in exceptional circumstances). If for some reason we need to remove you from the programme (other than for the reasons listed above, then a pro rata refund will be issued). If for some reason we have to cancel the programme before it starts then you will be entitled to a full refund. If we have to cancel the programme after its start, then you will be entitled to a pro rata refund.


Our Terms of Service

These Terms of Service are to help us all be clear on the ways we will support you and your family, what we will do for you, and what we will ask for from you to ensure that you are able to get the best out of your services. Here you will also find our Cancellation Policies, and our Privacy Policy - describing how we use and store your personal data. It is very important that you read this document thoroughly. Having received this document and then signing up for us to work together counts as an agreement on the part of both parties to abide by the conditions of this document.

How we will work together:

We agree to always be on time for any services that you book. If for some reason we are delayed in starting your service, we will make every reasonable effort to let you know and to make up the additional time at the end of the service. You agree to also be ready to start your services punctually, so that you are able to get the most benefit from our time together. For all online services, you will let your consultant know at least 24 hours prior to the session which platform you want to use (e.g. Skype, FaceTime etc.). Please video-call us at the scheduled time. If the internet is not working well, your consultant will provide you will a landline or mobile phone number for you to call instead.

Sharing what you learn:

You are absolutely welcome to record/video all of our work together (in fact, we really recommend that you do!). You can use these recordings to share with anyone involved in your chid’s life. Please be aware that the work that we do with you is specifically tailored to your child and your family. Of course you are welcome to share information from our sessions with anyone you want, but do consider that specific strategies may be helpful to your child but not another.

Expenses associated with Jack traveling to you (UK families):

If you have purchased either the Maximum Results programme or an In-Home Training session then Jack will be travelling to you to work with you and your child! How exciting! There are two expenses associated with Jack travelling to you for your in-home training: Travel expenses: You agree to cover all travel costs for Jack to come to you (and travel to the accommodation I will be staying in) . He will be travelling from Bristol, UK.
You also agree to pay travel time charged at the rate of £15.00 / hour where travel time exceeds 1 hour. If Jack is working with several families in the same area, I will split the travel costs equally between all of you. Accommodation/living expenses: You agree to cover the costs of accommodation from the night prior to your in-home training to the final day (and an additional night after the training ends if you have signed up for the Maximum Results programme). We will arrange accommodation, but will confirm with you that you are happy with the costs before I book anything. You also agree to cover living expenses of £35.00 / day (or £30.00 / day if breakfast is included in the cost of the accommodation) for the duration of the training. We will cover the costs of any materials purchased for your in-home training. After completion of your in-home training, we will send you a separate invoice for the expenses.

Expenses associated with Jack traveling to you (non-UK families):

As the costs associated with international travel are often higher than traveling within the UK, we have some different policies regarding international travel expenses. Travel expenses: You agree to cover the cost of Jack traveling from Bristol, UK to the accommodation you have arranged for him, and from that accommodation to your home.
We will arrange Jack’s flights for you and will invoice you separately for this once the flights are booked. We ask that you pay the costs of travel up front. Costs of flight are non-refundable unless we are able to arrange a refund from the flight company. If Jack is working with more than one family in your country, then the total cost of travel to and within your country will be divided equally between you all. Accommodation expenses: You agree to cover the costs of accommodation for the duration of your in-home training (from the night prior to the training including the night after the training finishes).
Please note that - in order to be able to provide you with the very best service that we can - if your country is in a different time zone from where Jack is traveling from then he will require the following extra days accommodation prior to your outreach to allow him to get over jet-lag: • 2 - 3 hours’ difference: 1 extra day prior to the outreach • 3 - 5 hours’ difference: 2 extra days prior to the outreach • 5 - 8 hours’ difference: 3 extra days prior to the outreach • 8+ hours’ difference: 4 extra days prior to the outreach We will arrange accommodation, but will confirm with you that the costs are OK before we book anything.
You also agree to cover living expenses of £35.00 / day (or £30.00 / day if breakfast is included in the accommodation). Lunch during your in-home training: We ask that you provide lunch during your in-home training.


How we will work together:

All Autism Optimism International Group Programmes take place within a private Facebook group, and via private Zoom calls. We (our staff) agree to always be on time for our scheduled Group Sessions. If there is an unavoidable delay and we are unable to start the Group Session on time then we will make every reaosnable effort to let you know, and will make up the extra time at the end of the session (communication will be via the Facebook Group). You also agree to be on time and ready to start your sessions punctually, so that you are able to get the most benefit from our time together. If you are late for the Group Session then we may have to delay admitting you to the group until an appropriate time (e.g. so that we do not interrupt another participant sharing something personal). We will not be ab le to recap the contents of the session that you have missed, although you will have access to the full recording.

Sharing what you learn:

You will be given access to the recordings of our Group Sessions, and will be able to download these - as well as the ability to download all the handout from the programme. Access to download this material will continue for one month after the end of the programme. Please be aware that in our Group Sessions we will be discussing information that is confidential to your fellow participants, so please do not share recordings of these sessions with anyone who is not in your group.

Participation in your Private Facebook Group:

Only you and your fellow programme participants will have access to your private Facebook group. We want to do everything we can to make this a safe, productive, educational space for everyone participating. Please do not give anyone else access to this group. Part of the strength of this programme is in building a supportive, confidential community where you and your fellow participants can get to know each other and share personally important information. If it is found that you have given access to someone who is not a participant of the programme then we will have to remove you from the programme and any refund will be forfeited. Please make sure you read the guidelines for participants' conduct in the private Facebook group. Any bullying, victimising, attempts to sell other services/products, or spreading of false information will result in us contacting you and asking you to stop. If you continue to do so, then we will have to remove you from the programme, and any refund will be forfeited. The same codes of conduct apply to your Group Sessions.

"Your happiness matters."

- Jack, our founder

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