New Group Programme

 - How to Unlock MORE for your Child -

Introducing a *NEW* Group Programme that shares the two key pillars that give parents peace of mind, and their children opportunities to grow.

Your top priority has always been to make sure that your child thrives both now, and as they continue to grow.  You also know all too well that navigating the territory of autism brings its own special challenges.  And that’s just on a normal day, ha!  


So what about right now - when your child still needs the same level of attention and support they have always needed, but you might have to be juggling the extra practical and emotional work that comes along with sudden global changes?


How do you stay motivated and inspired to keep going when you have so much on your plate?


The answer has less to do with mastering complicated techniques right now, and far more to do with knowing the proven techniques that fill your child with a love of learning so they are eager to step up and engage with you.


Introducing How to Unlock MORE for your Child: The short course gives YOU peace of mind, and your child more opportunities!  We want to help you from feeling you have to do it all, to being able to deeply enjoy your time with your child while simultaneously filling them with a love of learning and connection.


Because at Autism Optimism International, we are all about helping you to get MORE: more Motivation, more Optimism, more Relationship with your sweet child, and more Excitement to help them on their journey (hey - see what those words spell out?  Neat, huh?)

Expect to walk away from this 6-week long course knowing how to deeply connect with your child, and how to use that connection to support them learning the most useful skills that makes everything easier now and for the long-haul.  Plus you’ll learn how to remove the unconscious roadblocks we unknowingly put in the way of helping them learn.  

Imagine: In 6 weeks, you will: 


  • Have a deeper ease and confidence in your journey as a parent.


  • Know which specific tools and techniques support your child’s growth, no matter what is happening, and which techniques you can ditch (hint - it’s often the ones that don’t feel good).


  • Be part of an international community of families and professionals all dedicated to supporting our autistic children in the most loving and respectful way.



Here’s how How to Unlock MORE for your Child works:


  • Each week we will meet together online to learn new and powerful approaches to support your and your child.

  • You will get to learn in a group of families who understand what you are going through and from whom you can learn, swap ideas, get support and grow your autism community!

  • Every week you will get instructional videos and handouts giving you easy, doable steps to implement what you have learnt with your child.

  • You will get access to a Private Facebook Group where you can share successes and challenges with your class-mates, ask for support, and where our team will pop in from time-to-time to offer guidance and advice.

  • After completing the 6 weeks you will get a FREE 75 minute one-to-one online consultation with our Director - Jack Mason-Goodall - to come up with a customised action plan for how to implement what you have learned and to help you and your child go to the next level!


Unlike many online learning programs, we want to make sure that you get plenty of direct access to our experts within the group, so Unlocking MORE for your child is limited to a nice cozy size so you can easily chat with Jack. And frankly, we don’t know yet when/if we will offer it again.  That means spots will sell out fast - so if you are at all interested in joining us for this special program, we suggest you enroll/apply right now. 


We are dedicated to helping you get 'MORE' from your life.



You’ll learn how to fill your child with a love of learning so they are eager to connect with you and WANT to learn!



We’ll spark the flames of your best parenting mindset, so that the fear-based stories that keep you up at night are replaced with true optimism that lifts the weight of the world from your shoulders.



You will have a deeper way to understand your child and what they do AND you’ll learn side-by-side with other families with autistic children who GET IT.  Learning from what works for them is a HUGE time saver!



Inspiring you with passion and joy for your journey with your child. No more having to muster joy - expect to genuinely be delighted again.


"You  [Jack] are the first professional I have met in the 4 years of my autism journey who always understands what is going on and suggests things that are implementable for me."


—  Chaitanya (mum to Krish, age 6, who has autism), Singapore